Brandi Winans
Author/Event Speaker

I am so pleased to announce the publication of my  memoir, "The Flip Side of Glory".
By way of introduction, I offer excerpts from New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston's words:

God surely works in mysterious ways. I met Brandi Winans when I bought her house. Twenty-four hours after she first showed
me her home, we attended "The Passion of the Christ", then went upstairs for dinner and negotiated the terms of the sale.
We've been fast friends ever since.

It's my joy and pleasure to introduce this account of Brandi's life. In these pages you'll see her courage and her kindness as
she tries to help her Super Bowl winning husband deal with his physical, emotional and  prescription drug addiction, while
raising a wonderful son.

Brandi knows firsthand the consequences of multiple concussions on the personality and health of a football player. This is
why she works tirelessly as an NFL Advocate for Retired Players Disability Pensions. She recently shared her experiences by
giving written testimony before the U.S. Congress.

I know you'll find her passion - for life, for love and for Christ - in these pages.

   Readers Comments

Your Book is an amazing testimony to amazing grace, the power of God and the positive attitude that says, "I can do all
things through Christ who strengthens me." God Bless you and your ministry as you reach out to help others who are going
through tough times."
       Reverend Tom Greene, Former Pastor
       Garden Crest Presbyterian Church

The Flip Side of Glory gives the reader an insight into the seamy side of the NFL that the apple pie, motherhood and patriotic
owners do not want you to learn about. The book should change your view of the NFL.
 -- Bill Block, Author
    An Immortal Team of Mortal Men -
    The 1972 USC Football Team

This book gives one powerful story behind the scenes that fans just wouldn't understand without reading it. In this riveting
book, Brandi tells of the roller coaster ride of the trials and tribulations of life and overcoming adversity. A must read.
  -- Carolyn B. Quintin, M.A., Quintin and Associates
      Leadership, Teams, Diversity & Conflict Mgmt.

A book from the heart that tells the truth about so many athletes' plight when the shoulder pads and helmet comes off
after the game is over.
   -- Will D. Rhame, Author
       The Voyager Series

Brandi will autograph a limited number of books sold only through this Website so purchase your
autographed Copy today @ only $14.95. A portion of the Proceeds benefit Day For Our Children and  
the "Wannabe Outreach programs and ministry.
The Flip Side of Glory
"What Price for Glory? A story of Love, Acceptance and Hope"
List of Brandi's Publications

The Flip SIde of Glory, 3rd Edition
This is the gut-wrenching true story of Former NFL Player Jeff Winans written by his wife, Brandi,
about Love, Acceptance and Hope, rekindling their faith and never giving up...

Sirena Press,The Murmaid   May 201

Harness The Power of your Passion

Co-Authored with National Speaker Academy Central Florida   June 2011

The Stepping Stones of Life  (also on Amazon)
DFOC, Inc.May 2005

A faith Based self-help Audio/CD Workbook geared for Teens and Young adults.

The Wannabe Seminars
Brandi Winans
January 2012
Faith based or Secular that consist of Eight-50 minute Modules geared toward Teens and Young Adults
to help them develop their natural born gifts, passions and develop them into a career. Also Team
Building, Leadership, Goal setting and Time Management.

The Re-Program You Series
Brandi Winans
January 2012
Includes Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and how to Re-Define Success, Self -Perception,
Passions and Communication. Scheduling for the Fall of 2014 and Spring of 2015.

Coming Soon: The Sequel to The Flip Side of Glory

The Flip Side of Glory, The Final Chapter
             Coming Full Circle

This book picks up from 2007, Brandi and Jeff's struggles after the divorce, how their love for each other
never died, the updates from Brandi's advocacy with the NFL and how they came full circle prior to his
unexpected death in December 2012.